Friday, January 18, 2008

Free Attractions In Las Vegas, Its FREE and its Vegas, Baby!

There are a lot of must see free attractions
in Las Vegas. If you need to while away an
afternoon or evening, we've got lots of suggestions!

Here are some of my favorites:

People watching. Free, the minute your plane touches
down at McCarren airport. Its everywhere, you can't
avoid it. Staring is optional, sometimes its encouraged.

The Conservatory at the Bellagio. It changes by the
seasons and its always worth a visit. The flowers are
always blooming and there is always water bouncing
around. A must see! Sometimes you can even watch
them set it up and its just amazing.

The Fountain show at the Bellagio. Its am amazing show
of water that dances to music. From Frank Sinatra tunes,
to country to Italian tenors, it will send chills down your spine
as the water hits heights and twirls to the music.

The Volcano at the Mirage. The huge volcano spews
flames and explodes over a tropical lagoon.

Seigfried and Roy's white tigers. Just inside near an
entrance is a glass enclosed white tiger habitat. These
are some gorgeous animals! Most of the time they
are sleeping, but sometimes they'll be walking around and
jumping into the water.

The aquarium at the Mirage. Located just behind the
check in desks in the main lobby, there are fish of all species
swimming around an entire aquarium wall. Really a nice
stop late at night when the lobby isn't full of people checking
in and out of the hotel. While you are in the lobby enjoy the
fragrance. They must pipe in tropical scents because you'll be
transported to a tropical escape.

The Sirens of TI show at Treasure Island. Singing,
dancing, cannons firing, fireworks and ships sinking.
The show has been revamped from a kids show to
an adult entertainment show. Strollers aren't permitted.

The Lion habitat at the MGM. Lions in a glass enclosed
habitat. You may see lions playing with a rubber ball or
sleeping on an overpass as you walk under the passage.
Wow, adult lions have huge feet. Free and fun, especially
if the lions are awake and moving around.

The Fremont Street Experience. Downtown in old
Las Vegas, there is a canopy of about a kabillion lights
that do overhead shows complete with music. Fun for all

The Masquerade Parade in the Sky at the Rio.
A complete Las Vegas show on the main stage with dancers
acrobats and singers, but then the magic starts! Parade floats run on
a track on the ceiling with dancers as the parade floats
overhead. The performers throw Mardi Gras beads and if you
are lucky enough to catch them, make sure you wear them!
You can even buy tickets to ride in a float!