Thursday, November 8, 2007

What's the Best Slot Machine To Play?

Well, the one that wins, of course. If I knew, I'd sit there day and night until the casino was mine!

But seriously.....don't spend your money on books to beat the slots and subscribe to theories. Slot hits are random. There is a random number generator (RNG) which is a computer chip that comes up with numbers that correspond to the reels on the slot. The second you pull the handle or push the spin button, the machine spins and shows you what the computer picked for you. The spin is just part of the razzle dazzle. If you pull or push a nano second later, you'll have a different result.

There are all sorts of theories about the best place to play. The casinos plot the slot machine placement with the precision of an army general. The best paying slots are usually on the high traffic aisles. Makes sense, you are walking by and see a lot of winners, you just have to stop and play. Well, maybe not you, but I sure get sucked in.

Other good places to play are near restaurants or snack bars, round carousels that are elevated so everyone can see them from any angle and by the old change booths. (There's not many around anymore!) I've also had luck near showrooms where the crowd is either lined up to see the show or exiting from the showroom. I've also had a lot of luck at end machines.

The higher the denomination, the better the payback. Its a fact. But on the opposite end, I've seen wins in the thousands on pennies. Hmmmmmm. I've got a real life friend who hit 50 grand on Zorro which is a penny progressive.

You will also get a higher hit frequency in casinos that are off the strip. I like the Station Casinos, but I really enjoy playing at the local casinos. Sit down and within minutes there will be some local who will give you all the casino tips including what is paying and what sucks.

The best machine to play is the one you enjoy playing. If you enjoy playing it, go for it. Slots are computers and we all know how computers behave.....sometimes they are good, but when they are bad, they are soooo evil!

OJ in Court In Vegas Today

OJ Simpson is in court in Las Vegas today following his media circus arrest for armed robbery at the Palace Station hotel. One man was outside the court house wearing a chicken suit and a woman in a bunny costume. WTF? What is the point? I know its Vegas, but even I can't connect the dots on that one.

OJ arrived in a black Hummer "looking stoic". He should have that look down pat after all the crap he's been in the past decade or so. You know, the court face, the golf face, the I beat the rap face. What I don't understand are his "groupies" who still see him as a football hero.

Here's my question...what hotel would host OJ? His last Vegas digs were the very basic cell at the Clark Co. jail. "Hello, I'd like to make a reservation, the name is OJ Simpson." " One moment please, Mr. Simpson". Click...dial tone. Match, set, game.

Or if he walks into a restaurant, does the server quickly remove the knife from his place setting and run into the kitchen?

On the Vegas golf courses, is he dodging golf carts that want to ram his rear into a cactus? heheheeee (evil grin)

If OJ had devoted his life to finding the "real killer" he might not be in this mess. Look in the mirror, OJ, your search is complete. Maybe justice will finally be served. In the mean time, someone please explain the chicken suit.

RIP, The New Frontier, Implosion Nov 13

October 30, 1942- July 16, 2007

The New Frontier Hotel is going to be imploded on November 13th at 2:30 AM. RIP, Frontier. You were a grand dame in your day. The place reeked of cigar smoke and had an old west atmosphere. It was sort of cool in that old Vegas way, but its newer competition made it seem dated and out of the loop.

The New Frontier hotel was the longest continuously run casino on the strip and the only Bingo parlor on the Las Vegas strip. In its heyday, the New Frontier was a place to see and be seen. In 1956, Elvis' first strip appearance was right here. Other headliners were Judy Garland, Juliet Prowse, Foster Brooks, Frankie Valli, Sigfried & Roy and Diana Ross & the Supremes final performance as a group. A lot of colorful characters hung out here. Lots of memories, and you can't implode memories.

Howard Hughes bought the hotel in 1976 for 14 million bucks. It has had a succession of owners, the last is Phil Ruffin. He purchased the hotel in 1998 and ended the longest culinary strike in history. I didn't visit the Frontier during those years, I have a thing about crossing picket lines.

The Atrium tower is the only part of the hotel to be imploded. The other two towers and casino will come down with heavy equipment. No word on what will happen to the sign.

Gilley's mechanical bull is long gone. It was sad to see the chain link fence go up and windows out of the building. Piles of debris were scattered about when I was there in Sept and the grounds looked dead and unkempt. The sign looked sad, I was sad. Another Las Vegas landmark gone but not forgotten. Sigh....

But in Vegas, one place implodes and a newer one takes its place. Wonder what will be imploded next?