Thursday, November 8, 2007

OJ in Court In Vegas Today

OJ Simpson is in court in Las Vegas today following his media circus arrest for armed robbery at the Palace Station hotel. One man was outside the court house wearing a chicken suit and a woman in a bunny costume. WTF? What is the point? I know its Vegas, but even I can't connect the dots on that one.

OJ arrived in a black Hummer "looking stoic". He should have that look down pat after all the crap he's been in the past decade or so. You know, the court face, the golf face, the I beat the rap face. What I don't understand are his "groupies" who still see him as a football hero.

Here's my question...what hotel would host OJ? His last Vegas digs were the very basic cell at the Clark Co. jail. "Hello, I'd like to make a reservation, the name is OJ Simpson." " One moment please, Mr. Simpson". Click...dial tone. Match, set, game.

Or if he walks into a restaurant, does the server quickly remove the knife from his place setting and run into the kitchen?

On the Vegas golf courses, is he dodging golf carts that want to ram his rear into a cactus? heheheeee (evil grin)

If OJ had devoted his life to finding the "real killer" he might not be in this mess. Look in the mirror, OJ, your search is complete. Maybe justice will finally be served. In the mean time, someone please explain the chicken suit.

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