Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Love Station Casinos

I just love playing at the Station Casinos. The atmosphere is different from the strip casinos. The staff and the visitors are fun and friendly. When you sit down, don't be surprised that the person sitting next to you will smile and wish you good luck. Before you know it, you both are cheering each other on to win, swapping gambling stories, telling each other a little bit about life and generally enjoying your visit. Its geared to locals, but it has a nationwide

I got into Station Casinos because of friends who live in Las Vegas. I'd have never left the strip if they hadn't dragged us off. We hit Boulder Station and then made the loop north to Texas Station down to Sunset Station. My husband and his buddy went one way, we girls went the other. I saw games I'd never seen before and something I didn't see as much on the Strip, actual jackpots! And the! Great prices and huge portions in the cafe. We rate the buffets 4 yums. And if you walk out with a fist full of cookies, no one will say anything as long as you are munching on them.

Love the rooms at the Green Valley Ranch. Great big bathrooms reminds me of the bathrooms at the Venetian! Very luxe. And every time you go to hotel valet to get your car, they'll hand you ice cold bottles of water. Nice touch!

The rooms at Red Rock Station will rival any of those 4 star rooms on the strip.

Red Rock Station Casino

My new favorite Station to stay at is the Red Rock. I love- love- love all the crystals. This place is luxe. Just be prepared if they tell you your room is down the hall, its DOWN the hall maybe a quarter of a mile. You'll walk off that buffet just going back to the room, so its OK to do double deserts. Bose radios in the room, plasma TV's, this is the good life. In fact, Britney Spears hid out here after one of her spats with her then husband.

The last time we stayed at Red Rock, there was a band practicing in the Rocks Lounge. I was playing my Little Lucy game and rocking out. I kept saying...that band is amazing, they sound just like the Average White Band. Good cover band. Duh, I should have read the massive WAS them! I felt like it was my own private concert. Those guys can still rock, they actually sound better live!

My husband likes Red Rock for one reason. He sat down to play the dollar slots, put his card in and before he even spun, over $350 from one of their fast hit jackpots that ties all the Station Casinos together. He was hooked. And during our stay, he hit close to $800 on that same promotion. Put in card, win. Play their money. He loved it.

Men like to play at Boulder Station because it has that "manly" atmosphere with wooden floors and low limit tables. Yeah, it does have ugly rugs, but the plank flooring is cool. I like it because I can find the restrooms. After being hopped up on 4 high octane Starbucks coffees, it helps to know their location. I sat down to play video poker on a triple double machine and hit 4 aces and a kicker for a thousand dollars followed by 10 other set of quads in two hours! Like that will ever happen on the strip!

Boulder Station

One of my local friends won 50 grand...yes, 50 grand on a Zorro penny machine at Boulder. Is her picture on the wall? Nooooo, she was having a bad hair day! LOL!

I was dragged kicking and screaming (well, not literally, but close) from Red Rock a few weeks ago. We needed to get back to our hotel on the Strip because of an early morning flight home. Dang, I want to go back now!

Friday, October 12, 2007

More polish for Golden Nugget

If you haven't stayed at the Golden Nugget downtown, there will be a lot more reasons for you to stay there. The hotel is not only the nicest hotel downtown, but its getting a facelift. I've stayed there, I'll stay there again. Downtown can be a lot of fun, wandering in and out of the casinos! And downtown is a great place to people watch!

More polish for Golden Nugget

Downtown hotel gets more space for casino, meetings; hotel tower to come


A $70 million casino, convention and nightclub addition is nearly complete at the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas.
Photo by John Gurzinski.

Last year owners of the Golden Nugget spent $100 million on the hotel's biggest upgrade since 1984 when Steve Wynn owned the property.

There's more where that came from.

Now Landry's Restaurants, a Houston-based company that bought the Golden Nugget in 2005, is finishing a $70 million casino, convention and nightclub addition.

As early as next year the company plans to spend another $150 million adding an approximately 500-room hotel tower with casino to what is already the swankiest spot on Fremont Street.

When the tower opens in 2009, Landry's will have spent more on renovations and additions to the Golden Nugget than they spent in 2005 acquiring the property and a sister hotel-casino in Laughlin for $295 million in cash and debt assumption.

To continue reading, click here.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Top 10 things About Las Vegas That Makes Me Crazy!

# 10 Having to go to the cash machine. (again)

# 9 Finding out you passed a celebrity and didn't notice.

# 8 Having your spouse, partner or travel companion pout

# 7 Walking past the slot machine you played all day to see that it just hit the jackpot

# 6 Waiting for your luggage at McCarren airport.

# 5 Having to go to bed because you are so exhausted you can no longer function.

# 4 Paying $3.50 for a glass of iced tea in a cafe

# 3 Battling traffic on the strip

# 2 Waiting in line

# 1 Having to go home.

What are yours?

The Woo Hoo Girl, Every Casino Has One!

You know the Woo Hoo girl. She's in every casino in Las Vegas. You can hear her. Wooo Hoooo. Woooo Hoooo over and over and over. She is usually draped across a good looking guy playing blackjack or she's hanging over him while he's playing craps. Every win....Wooooo hooooo.

It doesn't matter whether its 10 am or 4 am, she's in the casino and she's wooo hooooing. She's probably drunk , but again, she may just be really happy. She's loud. She's the ultimate cheerleader. After awhile, she's cheering on everyone in the vicinity.

We'd like to duct tape her mouth after an hour or so of listening to her. Dang, you can move to the far end of the casino, but you can still hear her! Not even all the din from the slot machines or the band playing in the lounge can drown her out. Why doesn't she lose her voice from all that screaming?

But she just goes on....wooooo hoooooo!!

Las Vegas Hotel Implosions, Mourning the old Hotel Casinos

In Las Vegas, old hotels never die. They are put to death in a massive
implosion, done with fanfare, as only Las Vegas can do.

I will always mourn the Dunes' sign. The sign was the first thing we spotted
as out plane started to land. The neon and the glittering lights was old Vegas. The casino inside pretty much sucked, in the last years it was nearly empty. But the sign beckoned me in every time. I'm not mourning the Dunes, because my favorite hotel, the Bellagio took its place. I just miss the sign.

The Hacienda made way for Mandalay Bay. The old Hacienda housed some amazing acts: magician Lance Burton when he was starting out, the late Red Foxx and Cook E Jarr ruled the lounge and the casino in his leopard spandex. The casino was full of cigar smoke, but I miss the atmosphere. The buffet was horrible,but hey, they served free wine.

The Desert Inn was imploded to make way for Wynn's. The Crystal room at the DI was THE place to see a Las Vegas. I remember seeing Frankie Vallie and the 4 Seasons. The room was gorgeous, but you had to go through this claustrophobic tunnel to reach the showroom. The showroom manager led me to the best seat in the house WITHOUT a tip! Guess he liked me or it was easier to shut me up by seating me!! At one time, staying at the DI was the hottest room in town. Wynn's took its place with the most expensive to build hotel rooms in Las Vegas.

And who can ever forget the Sands, with their round towers? It was the home of the Rat Pack, Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford. I regret I didn't go there during the Rat Pack heyday. You still hear stories of how Sinatra would deal cards after a show in the casino and pay off all the losers. The Sands was a fun place, I still have a lot of the old Sands cups and mugs they gave away just for walking in the door. And it was the home of the original "Viva Las Vegas" afternoon show that was ALWAYS packed. The wood in the casino was dark, ceilings were low and full of chandeliers, unlike today's ultra modern casinos. Today, the marble palace, the Venetian stands in its place. I wonder if their ghosts haunt the Venetian? Wouldn't that be a fun haunt?

I found this page on that shows the old hotels and their implosions. Its a fun look at the old hotels going down!

WTF Was He Thinking? Richard Branson Suffers Bump From Jump at the Palms

WTF was he thinking?

From the Las Vegas Review Journal, Norm writes:

British billionaire daredevil Sir Richard Branson suffered a cut hand and bruises during a wind-blown 407-foot plunge at 80 feet per second Wednesday from atop the Palms' Fantasy Tower.

A shaken Branson, founder and chairman of the Virgin Group, limped away to his room within minutes after the jump in 20 mph gusts that nearly postponed the promotional stunt.

"I got a bit bruised on my way down," said Branson, while addressing a crowd of about 50 onlookers and media. He appeared to hit an outcropping about halfway down the 40-floor glass tower.

"He cut his hand and scraped his hip," said Palms owner George Maloof. "He survived it."

Read the rest here: Las Vegas Review Journal, NORM Las Vegas Confidential

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Las Vegas Garden of Love Wedding Chapel Could Lose its Licence

Little love left for Vegas wedding chapel

Customers ticked, city weary, Garden of Love could lose its licenses

By Joe Schoenmann

Las Vegas Sun

License denied
To read the letter sent by the City of Las Vegas denying A Las Vegas Garden of Love a business license, click here.

If he can afford to, Doug Wilson will fly to Las Vegas from Connecticut next week to make sure a downtown wedding chapel never marries another couple.

Affording the trip is the big question, Wilson acknowledges.

That's because, he says, the Garden of Love, as recently as last Thursday, removed $4,000 from his bank account, the most recent in a series of insults that left his wife, Rebecca, in tears on their wedding night three months ago.

Since then, she has sought the help of a mental health therapist to work out the trauma stemming from that long, long day on July 7 - 7/07/07, the calendar oddity that drew more than 3,000 couples, about 10 times the daily average, to Las Vegas chapels.

"My wife was crying the whole wedding night, and Cheryl," Wilson said, referring to Garden of Love co-owner Cheryl Luell, "actually had the guts to tell me that, in our wedding photos, that my wife was crying because she was so happy and it was a beautiful event."

To continue reading, click here.

Please note: There are some amazing wedding chapels in Las Vegas. I highly recommend the Graceland Wedding Chapel. I renewed my wedding vows there with "Elvis" Kent Ripley, and had a wonderful,fun and romantic experience. I'll tell you all about it one of these days.

How To Act Like A Vegas Local

The interesting thing about the Las Vegas locals is that most of them are not native. They've moved to Vegas from another state or country. After a suitable amount of time, they've gone from visitor to local. And every one has a great story to tell if you take the time to listen.

The first thing is that you never refer to Las Vegas as Las Vegas. Its just Vegas. And then you refer to certain areas as Summerlin, Green Valley or Henderson. Even though they are attached to Las Vegas, I mean Vegas, they'll tell you that they don't live in Vegas, they live in Green Valley. And they say it proudly!

You'll have to complain about the Strip. You'll have to make sure you tell everyone that its been years since you've been to the Strip and you only go there to see the new hotels. And of course, your trump'll HAVE to complain about the traffic on the strip.

You'll hang out at the local casinos, which, truth be known, are a lot more fun than the Strip casinos. You'll know the dinner special every night at the cafe and when its seafood night at the buffet. You'll never miss the free gift days at the Station Casinos. You'll know who is appearing in the showroom and the amphitheater and you'll probably have free tickets. You know everyone who works there and you know about their families. You know the person whose picture is on the winners wall and you have your own jackpots to brag about.

You have a smile and a welcome for every tourist. Dog gone it, you are so proud of your city. And you are a winner, because you get to call Vegas home.

The Vegas Virgin

Everyone who has been to Las Vegas has been a Vegas Virgin. You can spot a Vegas Virgin immediately. They are the ones who get off the plane and immediately complain about the heat. (Yeah, but its a DRY heat!). They have that "look", slack jawed, wide eyed and are raring to go.

You see them walking the strip in 110 degree heat. There's the middle aged tourists: The women are armed with a fanny pack and a shopping bag full of 5 for $10 tee shirts. The men have a camera dangling from their neck, sandals on with socks and their face is beet red from the heat. Both have indigestion from too many buffets. How long can they walk? How far will they walk? Where are they going? Why are they walking when they can take a taxi or the Deuce?

There's the younger party crowd, who headed to Vegas for action. The girls are scantily dressed, wearing flip flops, designer sunglasses and a toting a beer. Her male escort has on a college t shirt, khaki shorts and is carrying a 3 foot drink in one hand, a beer in the other. Both are talking on cell phones trying to make plans for the evening. Clubbing, perhaps?

Then there are the roving gangs of loud college guys, drinking, gambling and running in a pack. They are feeding off each other, ogling girls and acting obnoxious. Here's a tip guys, the hot girl you are checking out may NOT be a girl. Its Vegas, Baby!

On the plane home, they are disheveled, exhausted, hung over, sunburned and look like something the cat hocked up. They've got on sunglasses and ball hats, trying to shield their eyes. We know what you've been up to, we can smell the alcohol.

The moral of the story, SLOW DOWN. You can't do it all. Its supposed to be a fun vacation. No one with half a brain bakes at the pool in July's triple digit heat without sunscreen or walks the strip for hours on end in that heat. No one drinks from sun up to sun up just because they can without feeling like total crap for days after they return home. And no one eats and eats and eats at a buffet because they want to get their money's worth. But a Vegas Virgin tries..and pays for it. Because once you've lost your Vegas virginity, you'll go back to Las Vegas with your brain engaged. Sure, you'll drink, eat, walk, hang out at the pool, gamble, stay out all night and party. But you'll do it in moderation. And it will be WAY more fun.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Clubbing In Vegas, Get To The Front of The Line!

Every time I'm in Las Vegas, I watch the lines snaking around the velvet ropes of party goers waiting to get into the night clubs. You can hear the loud pulsating beat of the music, the clink of the glasses and the laughter of those inside. But if you are in line waiting in your hot stiletto shoes, its totally painful. Am I right girls? Those shoes aren't made for standing. There HAS to be an easier way to get into the club. has come up with a great idea. You can buy a front of the line passes to the hottest night clubs in town...including the OH, SO Exclusive Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay on Mondays. Yup, its private and members only, but they can get you in. Club like a celebrity, without the wait. They even have an all access pass at the Palms that will get you in Moon, Playboy, Rain and ghostbar. Its an amazing deal and you'll club like a celeb. You may even party with one!

Check out this page on for the nightlife and to purchase your entry ticket, without the wait.

OJ Simpson Does Vegas With Me

Yes, I was in Las Vegas when O J Simpson burst into the hotel room at the Palace Station. I didn't know he was in town, but it soon became apparent the minute we turned on the tv, not only was he in town, he was in big trouble.

Good news, I managed to stay out of trouble this trip.

We actually were heading to the Palace Station to meet up with some friends. Something came up and we decided to stay at the Bellagio and have them join us there. We would have been at the Palace Station during his infamous break in, but I doubt we'd have even seen him. I would have been too preoccupied. Vegas easily distracts me.

Everyone in Vegas was talking...wondering if he was on the same golf course as they were that day. Wondering if her was staying in our hotel. My cell phone rang constantly from friend at home. "Have you seen OJ?" Look, we don't travel in the same circles. I doubt if we'd cross paths since I don't hang at the Palace Station or the Clark County Jail. This is a big city people.

So for those of you who are wondering what's up with OJ, the Las Vegas Sun has a special online blog section dedicated to OJ's escapades and his legal troubles in Las Vegas. And by the way, OJ's rolex is fake.

And if you want more OJ updates on his exploits in Las Vegas, click on

Van Halen is Coming to Las Vegas!

Woo Hoo...its Van Halen WITH Diamond Dave! The original rocks!

This concert is considered by fans as one of the most highly anticipated tours in rock ‘n’ roll history since David Lee Roth hasn't performed with them in 22 years.

The Van Halen reunion rock tour with original lead singer David Lee Roth and guitarist Eddie Van Halen is set for two extraordinary nights in Las Vegas, their first gig together in 22 years!

MGM has just announced that David, Eddie, drummer Alex Van Halen and Eddie’s son, Wolfgang will play Friday December 28 and Sunday December 30 at the resort’s Grand Garden Arena. Their opening act will be special guest Ky-mani Marley. What a great way to kick off your new years eve festivities in Las Vegas.

Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster.

Robin Leach on Pam Anderson's Las Vegas Wedding

Pam & Rick's Wedding Cake

Robin Leach dishes about the wedding of Pamela Anderson
to Rick Salomon Saturday night in Las Vegas.
To read all about it, click here.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What is a slot host and do I need one?

A slot host is a liaison between the player (you) and the casino. They are the one who tries to woo you to gamble in their casino. They are privy to special or free hotel rooms, food, alcohol, limousine transportation, show tickets and more. Depending on your "action" , the play you give to the casino, they will extend freebies knows as comps. Comp is short for complimentary. It may be a free night at the hotel, a buffet or gourmet dinner, passes to the spa. You never know.

You should have a slot host if you play or stay in a favorite casino. Call the casino and ask for a host. They are friendly and eager for your business. Let them know your intentions to stay there, tell them you plan on gambling in their hotel and they'll help you make your hotel reservations. When you arrive, introduce yourself in person to the host so that they can put a face with the name. If you go to the slot club, they will call the host for you.

When you gamble in the casino, use your slot card. Ask at the slot club the procedure for table games. Many times you give your card to the dealer who gives it to the pit boss to track and rate your play for comps. Charge all the food to your room. At the end of your stay, visit your slot host BEFORE you check out of the hotel. The host will evaluate your play and see what they can take off your bill. You may be pleasantly surprised to see that even if you are a penny slot player, that you are eligible for comps. Don't be afraid to ask, all they can do is say no.

Gambling and Working the Comp System in Las Vegas!


If you are planning on gambling in Las Vegas, set a daily budget and stick to it.

Its easy to blow the gambling budget and hit the cash machine, but you'll regret it later. Learn the games you want to play so you'll have some knowledge and know your risk. People can and do win, but if you go EXPECTING to win, you'll be disappointed. You can play penny video slots and they are a lot of fun, or you can play table games. Most casinos offer classes in the games so the novices can feel comfortable playing the games. If you don't have a clue what you are doing, ask the casino staff and they'll be happy to explain the games.

Join every slot club in every hotel even if you are not planning on gambling there.

You will get a slot card that looks like a credit card, you insert it into the slot machine and it tracks your play for comps. Some will give you free buffets and show tickets to afternoon shows, tee shirts and key chains just for signing up. Some will require you to reach a certain amount of points to get a tee shirt of a food comp. A comp is short for complimentary and the casinos hand out comps based on your play. You might get comps for food at great restaurants.

All drinks are free as long as you are gambling. Some hotels are more liberal with their offerings, you won't get top shelf alcohol unless you are a big gambler, but free is free. A tip to the cocktail waitress, usually a dollar per drink is appreciated and will keep her coming back to your spot. In addition to the comps you can receive by playing on your slot card, the hotel will send you future offers for discounted lodging. If you plan on going back, its a deal to book at the casino rate instead of the regular rack rate.

If you didn't book a package rate and you are going to gamble in your hotel, charge your food to your hotel room. ALWAYS use your slot card when you are gambling, either at the machines or give it to the pit boss so the casino can track your points for comps. They track it by issuing points. Before you check out, go to the slot club and have them check your points. Many times the casino slot club will will pick up some of your food and maybe discount your hotel room, or even give you free nights. They'll take the comps right off your bill, but you have to do it BEFORE you check out. It pays to ask when you join what point range you have to achieve to get comps.

Don't think because you are not a big gambler that you can't get comps. It also pays to introduce yourself to a slot host, either in person or by phone. Tell them if you are celebrating a special occasion or on your honeymoon and that you are interested in joining the slot club and doing some gambling. Your slot host is your laison to better room rates and comps. Don't be afraid to call the hotel and ask to speak to a slot host. They are nice and accomodating and will give you the information you need if you are planning on doing some gambling.

Carrot Top, Curls Gone Wild Tour

Carrot Top's Curls Gone Wild Tour at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas describes his performance exactly. He lops onto the stage with a wild mane of bright red curls and more eye makeup than I've ever worn at one time in my entire life. Within seconds, he has everyone in the packed house screaming and groaning, laughing and slack jawed in disbelief. Did he really do that? Yup, he sure did.

Carrot Top is quick witted and hysterically funny. Known as a prop comedian, he pulls props out of his trunks at break neck speed. He looks bewildered when his new favorite prop aimed at Senator Larry Craig doesn't get the accolades her feels it deserves. He deadpans "Don't you people watch the news? This is funny and it was really hard to make". The briefcase had a tapping male foot...and he kept pulling it out during the show to the howls of the crowd.

When someone doesn't react or makes a comment, he quickly responds. The guy is quick. He doesn't miss a beat.

He lampoons everyone from his grandmother to Britney Spears. No one is sacred. He does a whole redneck set aimed at Nascar fans and state fairs. He pulls his hair into pigtails and portrays the red headed Wendy of hamburger fame. He talks about the airlines losing his luggage and the insanity of Las Vegas. If he can use it for a laugh, he'll pull it out of his bag of tricks.

He finishes with a montage of rock stars, switching wigs and capes to pulsating rock music and strobe lights. He switches from Michael Jackson to Janis Joplin to a strutting Mick Jagger in minutes. Its hysterical.

The audience was all ages. From a couple who was celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary to barely legal groups partying in Vegas, he had the crowd in his hands. Bring some tissues, you'll laugh until you have tears streaming down your face. Not only were my sides hurting from laughing, but the tears streaming down my face made me choke and start coughing...and I wasn't alone. People were still dabbing their eyes and recounting his show hours later in the casino.

Carrot Top's shows are different depending on the audience's reaction. I've seen him before and I'll see him again. Don't miss CT next time you visit Las Vegas. Its a great time!

Pamela Anderson weds Rick Salomon in Las Vegas Remix

Last month, Pamela Anderson had hinted about a new man in her life while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show: "I paid off a poker debt with sexual favours, and I fell in love. It's so romantic. It's romance."

If anything says romance to me, its sleeping off a debt. I guess it helps if you are a hot blonde.

And only in Las Vegas can Pamela Anderson, star of the Tommy Lee sex tape, wed Rick Salomon, the star of the Paris Hilton sex tape. If it happens in Vegas, PLEASE let it stay in Vegas. We all know a tape is coming soon, we just don't know when. We can only hope the quality is better than the content. Maybe we'll get the Elvis remix of "A Little More Conversation, A Little More Action" as the intro, and at the end, "Viva Las Vegas." Either way, I'm not watching it.

According to media reports, Anderson wed Salomon at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. The nuptials took place between her shows at Planet Hollywood in "Hans Klok's The Beauty of Magic". Planet Hollywood supplied the newlyweds with a pink four tiered wedding cake.

Anderson reportedly wore a white denim Valentino dress, Salomon wore a black tux and a "beanie". I think they might be referring to a yarmulke.

Toby McGuire was on the guest list, as were her sons and family. Where were Paris and Tommy Lee? Could they be the next couple to hook up?

Does it get any weirder than this coupling? Lets hope the third time is the charm for Pam.

Pam Anderson Plans Quickie Las Vegas Wedding TONIGHT, October 6th

Stop the presses...Pam Anderson is planning on marrying Rick Solomon (of the notorious Paris Hilton sex tape and ex-husband / annulled husband of Shannon Doherty) tonight. She is planning on tying the knot TONIGHT in between shows of her show "Hans Klok's The Beauty of Magic" at Planet Hollywood. According to Associated Press reports, she's planning on announcing the wedding at the late show and then inviting the audience to toast the couple at a casino bar.

Read the entire story here.

I hope Elvis is officiating.