Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How To Act Like A Vegas Local

The interesting thing about the Las Vegas locals is that most of them are not native. They've moved to Vegas from another state or country. After a suitable amount of time, they've gone from visitor to local. And every one has a great story to tell if you take the time to listen.

The first thing is that you never refer to Las Vegas as Las Vegas. Its just Vegas. And then you refer to certain areas as Summerlin, Green Valley or Henderson. Even though they are attached to Las Vegas, I mean Vegas, they'll tell you that they don't live in Vegas, they live in Green Valley. And they say it proudly!

You'll have to complain about the Strip. You'll have to make sure you tell everyone that its been years since you've been to the Strip and you only go there to see the new hotels. And of course, your trump card....you'll HAVE to complain about the traffic on the strip.

You'll hang out at the local casinos, which, truth be known, are a lot more fun than the Strip casinos. You'll know the dinner special every night at the cafe and when its seafood night at the buffet. You'll never miss the free gift days at the Station Casinos. You'll know who is appearing in the showroom and the amphitheater and you'll probably have free tickets. You know everyone who works there and you know about their families. You know the person whose picture is on the winners wall and you have your own jackpots to brag about.

You have a smile and a welcome for every tourist. Dog gone it, you are so proud of your city. And you are a winner, because you get to call Vegas home.

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