Monday, October 8, 2007

Clubbing In Vegas, Get To The Front of The Line!

Every time I'm in Las Vegas, I watch the lines snaking around the velvet ropes of party goers waiting to get into the night clubs. You can hear the loud pulsating beat of the music, the clink of the glasses and the laughter of those inside. But if you are in line waiting in your hot stiletto shoes, its totally painful. Am I right girls? Those shoes aren't made for standing. There HAS to be an easier way to get into the club. has come up with a great idea. You can buy a front of the line passes to the hottest night clubs in town...including the OH, SO Exclusive Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay on Mondays. Yup, its private and members only, but they can get you in. Club like a celebrity, without the wait. They even have an all access pass at the Palms that will get you in Moon, Playboy, Rain and ghostbar. Its an amazing deal and you'll club like a celeb. You may even party with one!

Check out this page on for the nightlife and to purchase your entry ticket, without the wait.

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