Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Las Vegas Garden of Love Wedding Chapel Could Lose its Licence

Little love left for Vegas wedding chapel

Customers ticked, city weary, Garden of Love could lose its licenses

By Joe Schoenmann

Las Vegas Sun

License denied
To read the letter sent by the City of Las Vegas denying A Las Vegas Garden of Love a business license, click here.

If he can afford to, Doug Wilson will fly to Las Vegas from Connecticut next week to make sure a downtown wedding chapel never marries another couple.

Affording the trip is the big question, Wilson acknowledges.

That's because, he says, the Garden of Love, as recently as last Thursday, removed $4,000 from his bank account, the most recent in a series of insults that left his wife, Rebecca, in tears on their wedding night three months ago.

Since then, she has sought the help of a mental health therapist to work out the trauma stemming from that long, long day on July 7 - 7/07/07, the calendar oddity that drew more than 3,000 couples, about 10 times the daily average, to Las Vegas chapels.

"My wife was crying the whole wedding night, and Cheryl," Wilson said, referring to Garden of Love co-owner Cheryl Luell, "actually had the guts to tell me that, in our wedding photos, that my wife was crying because she was so happy and it was a beautiful event."

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Please note: There are some amazing wedding chapels in Las Vegas. I highly recommend the Graceland Wedding Chapel. I renewed my wedding vows there with "Elvis" Kent Ripley, and had a wonderful,fun and romantic experience. I'll tell you all about it one of these days.

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