Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Woo Hoo Girl, Every Casino Has One!

You know the Woo Hoo girl. She's in every casino in Las Vegas. You can hear her. Wooo Hoooo. Woooo Hoooo over and over and over. She is usually draped across a good looking guy playing blackjack or she's hanging over him while he's playing craps. Every win....Wooooo hooooo.

It doesn't matter whether its 10 am or 4 am, she's in the casino and she's wooo hooooing. She's probably drunk , but again, she may just be really happy. She's loud. She's the ultimate cheerleader. After awhile, she's cheering on everyone in the vicinity.

We'd like to duct tape her mouth after an hour or so of listening to her. Dang, you can move to the far end of the casino, but you can still hear her! Not even all the din from the slot machines or the band playing in the lounge can drown her out. Why doesn't she lose her voice from all that screaming?

But she just goes on....wooooo hoooooo!!

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