Sunday, October 7, 2007

What is a slot host and do I need one?

A slot host is a liaison between the player (you) and the casino. They are the one who tries to woo you to gamble in their casino. They are privy to special or free hotel rooms, food, alcohol, limousine transportation, show tickets and more. Depending on your "action" , the play you give to the casino, they will extend freebies knows as comps. Comp is short for complimentary. It may be a free night at the hotel, a buffet or gourmet dinner, passes to the spa. You never know.

You should have a slot host if you play or stay in a favorite casino. Call the casino and ask for a host. They are friendly and eager for your business. Let them know your intentions to stay there, tell them you plan on gambling in their hotel and they'll help you make your hotel reservations. When you arrive, introduce yourself in person to the host so that they can put a face with the name. If you go to the slot club, they will call the host for you.

When you gamble in the casino, use your slot card. Ask at the slot club the procedure for table games. Many times you give your card to the dealer who gives it to the pit boss to track and rate your play for comps. Charge all the food to your room. At the end of your stay, visit your slot host BEFORE you check out of the hotel. The host will evaluate your play and see what they can take off your bill. You may be pleasantly surprised to see that even if you are a penny slot player, that you are eligible for comps. Don't be afraid to ask, all they can do is say no.

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