Sunday, October 7, 2007

Carrot Top, Curls Gone Wild Tour

Carrot Top's Curls Gone Wild Tour at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas describes his performance exactly. He lops onto the stage with a wild mane of bright red curls and more eye makeup than I've ever worn at one time in my entire life. Within seconds, he has everyone in the packed house screaming and groaning, laughing and slack jawed in disbelief. Did he really do that? Yup, he sure did.

Carrot Top is quick witted and hysterically funny. Known as a prop comedian, he pulls props out of his trunks at break neck speed. He looks bewildered when his new favorite prop aimed at Senator Larry Craig doesn't get the accolades her feels it deserves. He deadpans "Don't you people watch the news? This is funny and it was really hard to make". The briefcase had a tapping male foot...and he kept pulling it out during the show to the howls of the crowd.

When someone doesn't react or makes a comment, he quickly responds. The guy is quick. He doesn't miss a beat.

He lampoons everyone from his grandmother to Britney Spears. No one is sacred. He does a whole redneck set aimed at Nascar fans and state fairs. He pulls his hair into pigtails and portrays the red headed Wendy of hamburger fame. He talks about the airlines losing his luggage and the insanity of Las Vegas. If he can use it for a laugh, he'll pull it out of his bag of tricks.

He finishes with a montage of rock stars, switching wigs and capes to pulsating rock music and strobe lights. He switches from Michael Jackson to Janis Joplin to a strutting Mick Jagger in minutes. Its hysterical.

The audience was all ages. From a couple who was celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary to barely legal groups partying in Vegas, he had the crowd in his hands. Bring some tissues, you'll laugh until you have tears streaming down your face. Not only were my sides hurting from laughing, but the tears streaming down my face made me choke and start coughing...and I wasn't alone. People were still dabbing their eyes and recounting his show hours later in the casino.

Carrot Top's shows are different depending on the audience's reaction. I've seen him before and I'll see him again. Don't miss CT next time you visit Las Vegas. Its a great time!

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eBlogger said...

You are spot one about the performance. Every time I watch CT I laugh so hard it makes me cry. I would also recommend one of these Las Vegas Shows. This lists the top shows currently playing. They all happen to be my favorite.