Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rest In Peace Danny Gans

If you've ever been to Las Vegas, you've heard of Danny Gans. His name was plastered all over billboards, taxis and busses. If you asked anyone what show is a must see, they'd answer Danny Gans.

Danny passed away in his sleep on May 1st. Ironically, I got the news at the airport while I was waiting for my luggage as I returned from my trip to Las Vegas. I stayed at Wynn's when he performed his last shows. You could always see people leaving his showroom smiling. He left them smiling. We spoke to several people in the casino who saw his last show who said he was phenomenal. Danny was always phenomenal. We wanted to see his show this trip, but our plane was late so we scrapped our plans and said we'd do it next trip.

Danny was named the Las Vegas entertainer of the years for 11 years in a row. He sang, he danced, he did impressions, he was funny as all get out.
His show was high voltage, he was in constant movement. Every time I saw his show, I walked out happy, even though my bankroll wasn't always happy. Danny came across as a regular guy, there was none of that show biz diva about him. He was religious, a devoted family man and you could take your entire family to see his show and not blush.

We first saw him at the Stratosphere and the Rio and then at the Mirage. He just started his contract with Steve Wynn at the Encore in February.
Sadly, I won't get to see him at the Encore.

To his family, God must have needed an entertainer to play to his crowds in heaven. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We will keep him in our hearts and smile when we think of his shows and how for a couple of hours, he took us away from the trials and tribulations of our own life and made us smile and laugh so hard it hurt.

We'll miss ya, baby! Vegas won't be the same without you. Keep them laughing in heaven.


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hannahrose_8 said...

Wow, never fun to hear of the passing of a favorite entertainer. :( I thought I'd heard Danny's name before. he was Christian? I've probably seen some of his stuff. I'll have to google him.

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