Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Don't Go To Vegas Without....

There are certain things I always bring to Las Vegas.

I never leave home without:

Eye Drops The smoke, late hours and lack of sleep plus the dry air equal dry eyes.

Comfortable shoes For nonstop walking.

A clip or a snap clothespin to keep the black out drapes closed.
Who wants to see the sun at the crack of dawn streaming in through the drapes?

Dollar bills, At least $25 in dollar bills in an envelope for tipping. And some $5 and $10 bills for tips and taxi's at the airport.

Slot cards. Gotta get those points!

Program your hotel, local car rental office and any other local Vegas numbers into your cell phone.
If you get delayed, you can call and let them know you are still on your way.

Antacids, cold pills and whatever over the counter medication you might need. It will save you tons of cash if you have it in your suitcase rather than buying it at the hotel.

A fold up zip travel bag. I throw it in my suitcase to put in my dirty clothes and any I can use the space for stuff I manage to buy or accumulate on my trip. Make sure you have your ID on the case so you can check it if you are flying.

Zip plastic baggies. Sometimes you just HAVE to snatch an extra cookie from the buffet. Sometimes you buy a bag of snacks and want to keep the rest of them fresh in your hotel room. They come in handy if you have wet stuff or if you have bottles that might leak in your suitcase. Or, if you are like my mom who totes all the bathroom toiletries home, you'll need 'em.

PUREL to get rid of germs so you don't get sick.


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