Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Station Casinos, Good Gamble, Good Food!

Green Valley Ranch

The locals play at the Station Casinos and for
good reason. You get a good gamble and a lot of
perks and freebies. The food is really good and
reasonable. The casinos are clean, well attended
and the locals are just so much fun. Some have
movie theaters and Kids Quest, a place for kids
to play while the parents hit the casino. Most also
have food courts with a lot of different choices.

The casinos are spread around the Las Vegas
area. Boulder Station is on Boulder Highway.
Palace Station is near the strip. Ask for a tour
of the OJ room.;) Texas Station is in north
Las Vegas, Santa Fe Station is out to the west,
Sunset Station and Green Valley Ranch are in Henderson.
Red Rock is in Summerlin near Red Rock Canyon.

Green Valley (known as GVR or just the Ranch to locals )
and Red Rock are their upscale properties. The hotel rooms
rival those of the poshest rooms on the strip.

The Station group have a slot club called the
Boarding Pass. Use your boarding pass in the
machine like you would any other slot card.
This month they are offering random bonuses on
any machine INCLUDING pennies. You hear a tone
on your machine, play is suspended and you get
a mystery bonus of $ 5 to $20.00. Press a button
and the money is deposited into your machine.
It happened to me a lot at Green Valley Ranch,
in a day span I got over a hundred dollars in bonus
cash, much to the chagrin of the players around
me. Maybe its was because I parked myself and
didn't move, maybe it was just my lucky day.
But the tones keep whistling and everyone wins.

In addition, there is the Jumbo Jackpot bonus that
randomly hits by $150.000 to one lucky player.
It resets at $100,000. Everyone with their boarding
pass in the machine when it hits gets $50. My local
friends will keep their card in the machine even if they
leave to go to the restroom. You never know, baby!

I discovered the most fun new Mr. Cashman game
at GVR. Its called Tequila Sunrise. In addition to the
Cashman bonus, if you hit two cacti on the first
two reels, you get three free games. Since the cacti
are the scatter pay, the first two reels don't spin and
you are guaranteed the scatter pay on the next three
spins. If you are lucky, you'll hit more cacti on the
other reels.

Station Casinos have more new penny games than
any other casinos in LV. They also have less of the
multi reel spinning penny slots that seem to have
taken over the strip casinos. They don't get played
at the Station Casinos as much. I take my lead
from the locals. They'll tell you NOT to play a certain
type of machine or to play a certain type of machine
because of the bonus. I listen because I see them

If you love video poker, this place is nirvana.
Some of the game makers have double triple poker.
I saw a lot of quad aces with kickers and who doesn't
love THAT payout? They have every denomination
starting with nickels and a lot of progressives.

And lets talk food: Every Station Casino has a buffet
with good reasonable food and a coffee shop that serves
different fare, including ham and cabbage, a local favorite.
Add a few upscale restaurants and a food court, and you
can eat and gamble on the cheap and have a blast
doing it!

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