Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In Search of Criss Angel

I wasn't stalking Criss Angel from Mindfreak. It hadn't crossed my mind that he'd actually be walking amongst us at Luxor. I was 10 paces behind him on the last two trips to the Luxor.

I will stay at any hotel that will give me a free room. The Luxor gave us an offer we couldn't refuse including checking in at the VIP at the east valet. There were three sports cars covered and surrounded by posts so you couldn't touch them.

Me to valet: "What's under the covers?"

Valet: "Those belong to Criss Angel. One is a Ferrari, One is a Lambo, the other is...."

I stopped listening because my husband had a glazed over slack jawed look on his face of pure nirvana. Nothing like a hot car or a hot woman to get a man to smile and command his total attention.

Valet: "You just missed Criss".

My husband had no idea who Criss Angel is because he's always watching ESPN. I dragged him into the official Criss store and he got a look of recognition until he saw one of Criss' bikes on display. He was smitten. Criss was just there talking to his fans, we'd just missed him.

A couple of weeks ago, we're back at the Luxor. The same valet remembered me because I'd say to him "Get the key and we'll go for a spin". As we pulled in, the valet said "I'm going to get the key and we're going for a spin. You just missed Criss." At check in: "Criss just walked by."

Later, we headed back to valet to get out car. Criss just brought the Lambo back from a spin. Lambo is cool for Lamborghini, which makes my car a Grambo, short for granny mobile. I wanted to see Criss up close, hubby wanted to see the Lambo being driven.

Back in the casino, a gal sits down next to me. "You'll never guess what just happened to my husband. He was just in the elevator with Criss Angel and three gorgeous blondes. And the dumb ass didn't say a word to him. He said he was really cool but I know he was checking out the blondes." She said she was going to stand by the elevators all day because if he went up, he's going to have to come down. She didn't have to move, because the cocktail waitress said "There goes Criss". The dude is such a good illusionist, he disappeared into thin air.

Is Criss Angel really walking around the Luxor? Is the staff just mentioning him to keep you in the hotel and casino? Can Criss stand upright wearing all his silver bling and chains? Are his nails really painted black? And why in God's name are some women getting his logo tattooed on their body? OMG! I'll just be content to be 10 paces behind him.

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