Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Celebrity Sightings In Las Vegas

Vegas Virgins expect to see celebrities on their first trip. Sometimes you do, most times you don't. Sometimes you just stumble across one. They don't do Vegas like mere mortals, they have entourages. If you are clubbing, they're in private areas. You'll KNOW they are there, you may not see them. Just follow the flashbulbs and read about it the next day on the net.

My first trip to LV, I was in an elevator with Richard Pryor. I realized who he was the minute he said hello and I became mute. I couldn't open my mouth. I stood there like an idiot. All I remember is that he was very polite, totally unlike his on stage persona.

I've seen a variety of celebs and sometimes didn't recognize them. One day I was playing the slots at the Rio and had a great time bantering with the guy next to me. He was hilarious and we played for hours. When he got up to leave, I realized there was a group of people behind us. One man came up to me and kept you realize who that was? No, I didn't and I still don't know who he was. He was a golfer, he wasn't Tiger Woods. He was just a really fun person.

I was at Caesar's the night they opened Planet Hollywood in the Forum Shops. I was there with family and was totally oblivious to all the celebs milling about until Sylvester Stallone's body guards came by. They made us move from the machines we were playing so he could walk down the center of the aisle. Gimmeabreak! We were winning! Everytime I see a Rocky pic, I still get pissed off by his arrogance.

I had an encounter with Mike Tyson at the Venetian. I waved at him and he thought he knew me and came over to talk. I freaked. He was really polite and his face tattoo isn't as noticable in person. The same night I was chatting with some rappers who were sitting next to me in the Grand Luxe Cafe. Since I'm not into rap, I had no clue who they were, but they had a line of fans. They were fun, they let me wear their bling, they rapped for us and offered me and my husband back stage passes to their show. We would have gone if we were in town!

We've seen celebs like Doogie Houser, Kenny Rogers, Daisy Fuentes, Steven Tyler, Lou Gossett, and Senator John McCain on different trips. And you know what? They're just like us, only with more $$$$.

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