Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Getting Around in Las Vegas

Getting around Las Vegas is easy. You can rent a car, hire a limousine, take a taxi, take a shuttle bus, ride the Deuce bus, ride the monorail or walk.

If you fly into McCarren airport, you need transportation from the airport to the hotel. Most people take a taxi or rent a car. Some hire limousines. Here is something you need to know: Some limousines are nothing but a shuttle bus that stops at every hotel. It takes FOREVER to get to your destination. Its called limousine service, but if you want to rent a real stretch limo and hit the strip like a high roller, you can do it in the area near baggage pickup.

I like to rent a car. Its not hard to drive in Las Vegas. You need to drive like a cab driver, ignore the cabs honking at you, don't gawk at everything on the strip, watch for the pedestrians who insist upon jaywalking and drive sober. You also need to watch for the other idiots on the roads who have been drinking, are gawking and blasting their boom boxes, and others who are just plain lost and scared. Otherwise, its a go. I've never had problems driving in Las Vegas. I like to go all over the valley and taxi's are way too expensive if you want to go to Summerlin or Henderson. Valet parking is free at every hotel. Just tip the valet a dollar or two and they take care of parking and retrieving your vehicle.

The Deuce bus is a double decker bus that goes up and down the strip. Its $2.00 per ride of $5.00 for a 24 hour pass. The bus holds 97 passengers and they are really popular as an inexpensive way to get around town.

The monorail is a fun ride. There are 7 stations, the stations are behind the hotels. The monorail runs from the MGM Grand to the Las Vegas Hilton with stops in between. If you are going to a convention at the convention center, its an easy way to get there as there is a stop at the convention center. They are having a special one day pass for $9.00.

And if you are going to walk, wear comfy walking shoes. The strip is like an optical illusion, it looks like the buildings are close, but they are a long walk.

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