Thursday, November 1, 2007

My First Time, The Stupidity Begins

The early 80's were a different time. I was young, newly single and ready for a change of pace. "Cuz" and I were raised together like sisters. Cuz is also newly single, her husband was tragically killed. Both of us are miserable over the holidays, our parents decided we need a trip to Las Vegas.

I fly to Phoenix and we drive through the desert. We pick up a couple of big cowboy hats at an outdoor market to shade us from the desert sun and we're off.

We've packed a list made up by our parents:

The strip is one way, lock up your parking spot early and walk.

Don't drink and drive.

Don't talk to strange men.

Play slot machines with bars on them.

Armed with our words of wisdom, maps, extra water for the car, a cocktail dress and some cash, we arrive at twilight just in time to see the neon.

My heart is pounding...I've never seen anything like this! I've lived in a pastoral farm community and this is amazing! I literally could feel the heat of the lightbulbs.

Then it happened...within minutes I became stupid. Yup, here I am, educated, sensible, managing a business..and I become stupid.
And, I'm having the time of my life.

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