Friday, January 25, 2008

Breaking Vegas News, Fire at the Monte Carlo!

A three alarm fire broke out today at the Monte Carlo Hotel
and Casino on the Las Vegas strip presumed
started on the roof area by a welders torch, even though the
cause has not been officially confirmed. MSNBC is reporting
that there are no injuries and the fire is extinguished along the
west and south sides. It broke out around 11am pacific time. The
video shows charring in the penthouse areas of two wings of
the casino. They are awaiting a press conference from the
Clark County fire officials to see if there is any structural damage
to the hotel. The fire was on the outside of the building.
Video shows parts of the sign on the facade burning.
They are also reporting that the Monte Carlo is hoping to get
the gaming tables and the casino up and running this evening.
We'll see.

The fire officials evacuated the top 15 of the 32 floors and then
firefighters went door to door to make sure everyone was
evacuated and safe.

Fire officials believe there was something flamable like
insulating foam that caused the dense black smoke. They also
believe that most of the fire was outside the hotel and not in
the interior of the hotel. That's why they believe that it
was roofing materials involved.

The hotel has 3 thousand guest rooms and the hotel guests
are being taken to the MGM Garden Arena area to await
news. I expect the comps to fly when the hotel reopens.
This is the weekend in Vegas when thousands drive in from
California. If the hotel is down for any amount of time this
weekend, it will translate into a huge financial loss for the
MGM group. (Time to tighten the machines again?)

The good news: NO INJURIES!

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