Monday, October 15, 2007

Las Vegas Makes Me Stupid!

Yes, its true. I've been known to become very stupid in Las Vegas. Maybe its the time change. Maybe its because I don't sleep very much. Maybe its the nonstop excitement. Maybe I've stepped one buffet over the line. Whatever it is, Las Vegas makes me stupid.

I hit the cash machine when I know I shouldn't because I'm sure I'm going to win a jackpot. Yes, I've actually hit jackpots. But most of the time the only jackpot is the payout at the cash machine.

I've been known to buy stuff that when I get home I wonder what I was thinking. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. I came home with three overpriced sparkly handbags. I LOVED them in LV. Back at the hometown grocery store, I get some strange looks.

I've bought makeup that looks ridiculous. Sephora is nirvana to me. Wall to wall cosmetics, I get stupid and fill up my basket. I'd never spend $50 on a lipstick at home, but in Vegas, I gotta have it. It made sense at the time. It was a good thing I had cash from a win, because if I had charged it, I would have been sick when the bill arrived. Another time my cousin who lives in LV convinced me I needed this thing that paints purple highlights in your hair. I've only used it on Halloween. At the time, it was wooo hoooo....purple highlights!

I've bought another suitcase in Vegas to haul home cheap junk that the casinos were handing out free and they sit in my basement. My husband went right along with it even though he knew I was toting home useless junk. Guess he figured it was easier than arguing with Stupid. But it was FREE!!

I went hiking in the desert. STUPID! It was nearly triple digits and I am deathly afraid of snakes. DUH.

I've gone to the pool without sunscreen. Dumb, stupid. I paid for it.

I let a hotel bartender mix me a special ladies drink at a slot tournament. I have very little alcohol tolerance, but this was so tropical and fruity. I ended up sitting in the elevator to go to my room. STUPID! I bet the people in the elevator thought I was a lush. I still had half of the drink in my hand.

I am the poster child for stupidity in Vegas. Don't be like me. Pack your brain when you travel. Oh, and by the way, I'm only stupid in Vegas. ;)

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