Sunday, October 14, 2007

More Reasons I Love Station Casinos

Station Casinos always have great promotions to get you in the door and they just keep getting better.

They have the Jumbo Jackpot promotion. The Jumbo Jackpot starts at $100,000.00 and has to hit by $150,000.00. All eight Station Casinos are linked together. The jackpot is random, it can hit any machine at any time and you don't have to win to win. All you have to do to win is to play at a Station Casino and use your slot card, called the Boarding Pass card. How cute is that? Train station, boarding pass?

But wait, if the Jumbo Jackpot hits and you are playing at that casino with your Boarding Pass, you win $50 in free play. So even if you lose, you win. You'll see signs all over the casino with the current jackpot.

Now they even have a Jumbo Penny Jackpots. Play specially marked Jumbo Penny Video Slots with your Boarding Pass card and the random jackpot can hit from $5 to $1000.00! Not bad for playing pennies. I was playing and all of a sudden the machine notified me that I had won $30. Woo Hoo! Hits are frequent. How fun is that?

Their newest promotion is Guaranteed Play for video poker players. You pay one price and get a guaranteed number of video poker hands. On quarters, you can get 75 hands for $20 or 200 hands for $40. Since you usually play $1.25 per hand, 75 hands would cost you $93.75. Thats a savings of $73.75. 200 hands at $1.25 per hand is $250.00. You save $210.00!!

The games are Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Bonus Deluxe, DOUBLE DOUBLE, Deuces Wild, Deuces Wild Bonus. If you play Bonus Poker or Jacks or Better, Bonus poker will give you an additional 50 free hands, so that on your $20, you'll get 125 games. $40 players will get an additional 200 free games, for a guarantee of 400 free games. Stop..I can't keep doing all the math, but it sounds like a good deal to me. I would definitely put in a $20 bill and test it out.

You get to keep what you win and you get full payout. You win, its payday. baby. They also have specials for dollar players and all the games are in specially marked Game Makers. Here is a link to their latest promotions: Station Casino promotions.

There are certain days that Station Casinos give out free gifts for earning 50 points on your Boarding Pass card on that day. (Tuesday?) Its fairly easy to do. Swipe your card, get your gift at the gift reward center. Gifts range from plastic storage bowls, glasses, Christmas coasters, mugs...just all sorts of things. But free is free and if I'm there, I'm hauling my gift home.

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