Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tix 4 Tonight, Discount Same Day Show Tickets

Located in 4 locations around Las Vegas, Tix 4 Tonight offers you same day show tickets and dining discounts. I've seen their booths and I've seen the long lines and I always figured the show were those second rate shows that couldn't get anyone to fill the showroom. Well, I was wrong. There I said it. I don't admit it very often.

A friend was telling me about all the shows they saw in Vegas. "You must have had to win a jackpot to be able to afford to see all those shows." That's when he told me about Tix 4 Tonight. They have a sneak peek of the day's shows on their web site. Today this is what I found today, they change daily:

David Copperfield 25% off!

Dirty 50% off!

Gordie Brown 40% off!

Harmik as Tom Jones 50% off!

Mamma Mia for Today or Tomorrow 50% off!

Menopause 40% off!

Stomp Out Loud 27% off!

"V" The Ultimate Variety Show 50% off!

These are all good shows. And there are a lot that aren't publicized online. You have to que up to see what's available. Check out their web site for locations.

And, here's a bonus. Las Vegas Leisure Guide will give you a dollar off the service charge and a front of the line pass that should save you 30 to 60 minutes in line. Only in Las Vegas, a line pass to bypass the line. Gotta love it, and I thought only the casinos issued line passes. See, I was wrong again! ;) Make sure if you are using the service, that you print out your line pass coupon. I hate waiting in line. The city loses money every time I'm in line, I'm not shopping, I'm not gambling, I'm not eating and I'm not spending money. Don't forget your coupon, I have mine!

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